Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Night 1

Liesl and Meredith utilized their musical expertise at the choir dress rehearsal at Liesl's "school". As young Avery fell off the third floor risers, Meredith and Liesl quickly used their "yet to be fulfilled" mothering skills to nurse her back to health, regardless of her proclamations of "I'm fine!"

They then scurried back to Liesl's and got all "gussied" up for the mulled wine and minced meat pie party at her British friends' flat. Liesl would soon find out that minced meat pie is actually NOT filled with meat, but rather raisins, candied fruit and apples. Upon their arrival, a well-meaning and overly excited Liesl turned to introduce Meredith to her friends and in the process spilled wine all over Meredith's new shirt (new as in "not worn many times"...don't worry Nate). See photo :)

Jet-lagged and overly tired, the two made a quick exit and Meredith almost got the Belgian kiss down without licking anyone's face like an over-eager cocker spaniel. When they arrived home, they both enjoyed a cup of chili made earlier in the afternoon (because the minced meat pie did not cut it) and Meredith enjoyed her much anticipated first bowel movement in Belgium! Our hopes and prayers are that everything will be "regular" from now on and we will no longer have to update on Meredith's bodily functions.

And now with Liesl and Meredith both content in their pjs (actually a hawaiian mumu for Meredith...Liesl doesn't feel comfortable revealing her nighttime attire) they settle in and bid you a bon nuit!


Grandma Susan said...

Not really :)
I want you to describe the Belgium kiss. Is it once on each cheeck or three kisses back and forth?

The Minters said...

I'm positive this adventure will create some excellent entertainment for our next reunion. I wish I was there! I'm not going to lie...when you wrote about the girl falling off the riser, all I could picture was Mere falling off the riser during show choir. And then when you wrote about Mere's bowel movement, it reminded me of Mere's wedding day and the bathroom incident. Good thing we had the the farting dog book to keep us company (and a very good story teller! yay Kenz) you both! Keep the stories coming!

nate said...

ahhh, that is a tiny spill, we have done worse with crackers and cheese! I miss you dear more than words could ever express! But I wouldn't want to share you with anyone else for 10 days!

take pictures of the city. i want to experience your environment.


Tonight Judy Logan brought me chili, it was good. Mads attempted to lay on my face all night. I watched a documentary on the treeman on discovery health online and took notes on 25 wesley sermons.

Tomorrow I am meeting with Pastor Bob at Libby's place and then have class.

Did I mention I miss you? ...i do.

love ya,
-nasty nate

Grandma Susan said...

MORE Blogging with pictures please!
I'm still not well, so would you please both PRAY!! Do they have metamucil in Belgium? Ray takes that everyday. Saturday we open presents from the wedding with Carlie and Brian and then they are staying all night at our house.
Write more! Makes me laugh!!!!!!
mama owens

nataliemma said...

why so much attention given to Meredith's bowels and turbulence?? You gals are so crazy!!!