Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 4

Liesl and Meredith had a lovely day of recovery from their long day in Paris.

They dined on grilled cheese and tomato soup, and entertained themselves with watching Pride & Prejudice and When Harry Met Sally.

That is all.

They are sorry it was not more interesting, but they hope to do you all justice in the days to come.

Bonne Nuit,

Liesl & Meredith


nate said...


Anonymous said...

Come ON! That's not a blog!
You have three things to do:
1. Pack
2. tour
3. Blog

Grace said...

I hope it was the BBC version and not the yucko one with Kiera Knightley.
Much Love,

nate said...

This might be slightly unexpected. That or highly expected...I am not sure but as one who has not seen the BBC version I would have to give the Kiera Knightley movie at least a few stars. It was enjoyable...

Grace said...

I think one major plus to the BBC version is Colin Firth, and one of the problems with the Kiera Knightley version is, well, Kiera Knightey. But you're right, if Kiera Knightley doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth then that version will do.

Father Tom Krieger said...

Hello Liesl and Mere, this is Father Tom (Liesl's Dad). I've truly enjoyed your blogs........ especially the bodily funtions ie: gas, etc, etc, etc. Good thing I'm not on that trip. (Liesl, I know you can appreciate). Sounds like you guys are having the time of your life. Keep the blogs coming, I'll try to chime in on ocassion. Now, I've got to run the the bathroom. ; ).

Anonymous said...

More cow bell...I mean blog please!