Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 4

Liesl and Meredith had a lovely day of recovery from their long day in Paris.

They dined on grilled cheese and tomato soup, and entertained themselves with watching Pride & Prejudice and When Harry Met Sally.

That is all.

They are sorry it was not more interesting, but they hope to do you all justice in the days to come.

Bonne Nuit,

Liesl & Meredith

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 3

Off to Paris we went!

With a long three hour drive (although can you really complain when you can hop in a car and drive to Paris?) Meredith and Liesl arrived in the beautiful city, found a parking spot and jumped on the Metro. Meredith was tickled to see that the Metro resembled the L, just a lot prettier and a lot more people wearing black.

They hopped off and found themselves in the Red Light District where they got to see The Moulin Rouge. You can see their audition photos when the producers asked them to audition below, but the producers told them that they were way too sexy for the show. But they already knew that.

After this Meredith was beginning to feel the affect of waking up at 2:30 in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep, and was trudging along. As Liesl led her up what seemed like more than a thousand steps, the explitives she was thinking in her mind seemed to get louder and louder until the clouds parted like a light from heaven as they came upon the carousel area from Amelie. They jumped on the carousel not realizing you needed to pay and quickly scampered off as they were shot looks by the operator.

They ate a lovely lunch at one of Liesl's "favorite" coffee shops in Paris and then walked back up to the carousel area. Liesl explained to Meredith the phenomenon of these men from Africa that hang around the area, come up to you, tie a string around your finger, and won't let you go until you pay them money (they almost got Meredith, if you can imagine that, but Liesl saved the day). Meredith was so intrigued that she decided to videotape them, only to have one of them come up and tell Liesl how Frenchmen "know how to give the good sex". Liesl pondered on this, "how would he know since he was from Africa?"

Back on the Metro they went and jumped out at L'Arc de Triomphe and proceeded to a French candy and pastry store where Meredith later declared "no really, now I can die a happy woman", after tasting the delectable fruit flavored macaroons they had to offer.

They were back on the Metro and into the Louvre courtyard to see the large class pyramids, then across the Saine and to Les Deux Magots the famous restaurant where Hemingway, Gertrude Stein & others would come to discuss existentialism. Liesl and Meredith mostly discussed how cute their French waiter was (sorry Nate, not as cute as you:) ) and Liesl's time of "being" once she gets home (Susan KRIEGER should be proud of that productivity).

Off to Saint Sulpice which is the cathedral which has the Rose Line that is talked of in the DaVinci code. The altar was gorgeous and breathtaking and the two took some time to sit, reflect and pray.

Leaving they stepped into a little French store where Meredith saw lambs that moved on a little stick, then decided she couldn't buy one unless she bought the one that was all beat up because no one else would buy it, realized she should save her money for the German Christmas Markets, apologized to the lamb and they left. Meredith still feeling a bit of guilt for the poor 1 euro lamb she had not taken home. Meredith asked Liesl how to say "goodbye and I'm sorry" in French so that the lamb would understand her. Liesl has since christened Meredith the "Messiah of Misfit Toys".

From there they strolled down the streets of the Latin Quarter and down the Seine to the Notre Dame Cathedral. They crossed over to the Ile St. Louis (island in the middle of the Seine) where Johnny Depp resides. They were astonished when they saw him come out of his apartment and began to chase them down the street yelling that he wanted them to be sister wives. They were tempted to comply (you would be too), but refused due to their never wavering moral code.

They then meandered to Liesl's "favorite" fondue restaurant for dinner. It was delicious and during dessert, Meredith said, "get your camera out, I'm about to do something." And the rest will speak for itself...

Bon Nuit!

Liesl & Meredith

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 2 & Night 2


Liesl and Meredith had a full day today as they traversed about Brussels a bit and frolicked to and fro.

The day began with Liesl off at 7:00 to breakfast and bible study at Marissa's with some girls from Young Life. Meredith had full intentions of getting up to go with her, but alas God's blessings were upon her this blustery day and Liesl allowed Meredith to continue to slumber.

Upon waking, Meredith had lovely pancakes handcrafted by Liesl and some much needed Emergen-C that we are hoping killed the pain on the right side of her throat that had arrived when she arose.

Then it was off to wreak some havoc on the downtown area, where they were joyfully escorted by fluttering snowflakes that would unfortunately soon to turn to rain. Some more coffee and some chevre chaud avec thyme et legumes were the order of the day for lunch. The restaurant which Liesl once again lovingly referred to as her "favorite" coffee shop. . . was called Carpe Diem. How poignant. . . no really, think about it. Meredith had heard Liesl tell of this intriguing cuisine phenomenon entitled "filet americain" and we caught a glimpse of the stuff. See photo. It is raw hamburger meat...seriously. They eat it. Raw. Very popular among the Belgians. Meredith shared with the waiter how "astonishing" this was to her as he graciously allowed the crazy American to take a photo.

A short stroll down the lane brought them to a rehearsal for the Christmas concert Liesl's church The Well will be performing on Sunday. Somehow Liesl convinced Meredith to sing with her again, perhaps using a bit of nostalgia to tug on the heart strings to convince her. It worked. They hope to share a video of it with you after Sunday.

After a highly successful coming together of the vocal chords, the ladies again proceeded to another one of Liesl's "favorite" coffee shops, where they delighted in chocolat chaud or "hot chocolate"...but this was different. It was Belgian chocolate on a stick and had an air of distinguishing reverence as Meredith thought to herself. . ."I can die a happy woman now."

Traversing back to Liesl's flat they cleaned up Liesl's front room since we all know how Meredith tends to "explode" her belongings when she travels somewhere (well really when she is anywhere) and shoved it all into Liesl's bedroom where they could safely hide the insanity.

The Young Life Kid's leadership meeting (a bit like Campaigners in the States) went swimmingly as intoxicating and invigorating conversation on Mark Ch. 4 swirled about the room. Some delectable Chili was had by all and the highlight of the evening may have been when Paul and Meredith compared feet size only to realize the inevitable. . .Meredith's feet were bigger.

This resulted in Liesl's boss Paul donning Meredith's high heels (see photo).

With this image we bid you a bon nuit and will not be posting until later tomorrow as we will be in Paris (please when you are thinking it pronounce it in your head Pair-EE. We don't want you embarrassing us in your thoughts).

Liesl and Meredith

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Night 1

Liesl and Meredith utilized their musical expertise at the choir dress rehearsal at Liesl's "school". As young Avery fell off the third floor risers, Meredith and Liesl quickly used their "yet to be fulfilled" mothering skills to nurse her back to health, regardless of her proclamations of "I'm fine!"

They then scurried back to Liesl's and got all "gussied" up for the mulled wine and minced meat pie party at her British friends' flat. Liesl would soon find out that minced meat pie is actually NOT filled with meat, but rather raisins, candied fruit and apples. Upon their arrival, a well-meaning and overly excited Liesl turned to introduce Meredith to her friends and in the process spilled wine all over Meredith's new shirt (new as in "not worn many times"...don't worry Nate). See photo :)

Jet-lagged and overly tired, the two made a quick exit and Meredith almost got the Belgian kiss down without licking anyone's face like an over-eager cocker spaniel. When they arrived home, they both enjoyed a cup of chili made earlier in the afternoon (because the minced meat pie did not cut it) and Meredith enjoyed her much anticipated first bowel movement in Belgium! Our hopes and prayers are that everything will be "regular" from now on and we will no longer have to update on Meredith's bodily functions.

And now with Liesl and Meredith both content in their pjs (actually a hawaiian mumu for Meredith...Liesl doesn't feel comfortable revealing her nighttime attire) they settle in and bid you a bon nuit!

Day 1

Meredith arrived safe and sound regardless of some turbulence and some bad gas which may be synonymous (was there really turbulence or was she just shaking herself? we may never know).

The sky was cloudy and gray although the reuniting of Meredith and Liesl shed a light on Brussels, maybe for the first time in a long time as a sliver of blue peeked it's way through the dense cumulus nimbus.

Liesl delighted in an un cafe and Meredith had a lait russe with a shot of espresso (to keep her awake since that "turbulence" kept her from sleeping) some yaourt fraise and some very fancy fig newtons (perhaps not smart for Meredith) were consumed at Liesl's favorite coffee shop Cook & Book.

Meredith is increasingly impressed with Liesl's French-Speaking skills and Liesl is hoping that Meredith's Bonjour might not sound so. . .shall we say midwestern. Although Meredith was slightly surprised at how it had a bit of Southern Twang as she tried so desperately to say it casually, realizing that her wearing all black was not going to allow her to assimilate as well as she would have liked.

Love toujours,

Liesl & Meredith