Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 2 & Night 2


Liesl and Meredith had a full day today as they traversed about Brussels a bit and frolicked to and fro.

The day began with Liesl off at 7:00 to breakfast and bible study at Marissa's with some girls from Young Life. Meredith had full intentions of getting up to go with her, but alas God's blessings were upon her this blustery day and Liesl allowed Meredith to continue to slumber.

Upon waking, Meredith had lovely pancakes handcrafted by Liesl and some much needed Emergen-C that we are hoping killed the pain on the right side of her throat that had arrived when she arose.

Then it was off to wreak some havoc on the downtown area, where they were joyfully escorted by fluttering snowflakes that would unfortunately soon to turn to rain. Some more coffee and some chevre chaud avec thyme et legumes were the order of the day for lunch. The restaurant which Liesl once again lovingly referred to as her "favorite" coffee shop. . . was called Carpe Diem. How poignant. . . no really, think about it. Meredith had heard Liesl tell of this intriguing cuisine phenomenon entitled "filet americain" and we caught a glimpse of the stuff. See photo. It is raw hamburger meat...seriously. They eat it. Raw. Very popular among the Belgians. Meredith shared with the waiter how "astonishing" this was to her as he graciously allowed the crazy American to take a photo.

A short stroll down the lane brought them to a rehearsal for the Christmas concert Liesl's church The Well will be performing on Sunday. Somehow Liesl convinced Meredith to sing with her again, perhaps using a bit of nostalgia to tug on the heart strings to convince her. It worked. They hope to share a video of it with you after Sunday.

After a highly successful coming together of the vocal chords, the ladies again proceeded to another one of Liesl's "favorite" coffee shops, where they delighted in chocolat chaud or "hot chocolate"...but this was different. It was Belgian chocolate on a stick and had an air of distinguishing reverence as Meredith thought to herself. . ."I can die a happy woman now."

Traversing back to Liesl's flat they cleaned up Liesl's front room since we all know how Meredith tends to "explode" her belongings when she travels somewhere (well really when she is anywhere) and shoved it all into Liesl's bedroom where they could safely hide the insanity.

The Young Life Kid's leadership meeting (a bit like Campaigners in the States) went swimmingly as intoxicating and invigorating conversation on Mark Ch. 4 swirled about the room. Some delectable Chili was had by all and the highlight of the evening may have been when Paul and Meredith compared feet size only to realize the inevitable. . .Meredith's feet were bigger.

This resulted in Liesl's boss Paul donning Meredith's high heels (see photo).

With this image we bid you a bon nuit and will not be posting until later tomorrow as we will be in Paris (please when you are thinking it pronounce it in your head Pair-EE. We don't want you embarrassing us in your thoughts).

Liesl and Meredith


Miles said...

One doesn't won't to be too much of a cultural chauvinist...but raw hamburger? That's just gross. Is this what legalized pot and prostitution does to a country? (am I in the right country?)

You cain kayeep yur cryzy ways! < / southern accent>

sakhome1 said...

No,Miles, that's the Netherlands (Amsterdam), but who really knows in Europe. Anyway, Paul in Meredith's shoes is really enough for one night. The raw hamburger was just a close second for a shock. Meredith, remember, I sent you to keep Liesl organized and close up her apartment properly--did we talk about this??? Exploding all over was not a step in the right direction! Love you both, sleep well and don't scare the Parisans. Mom

Miles said...

Susan, good job. I really just wanted to blame some ills on pot, prostitutes and Europeans.

That's like a joke, if you're American when you go in the bathroom and Canadian when you come out...what are you while you're in the bathroom? European.

I'm clearly about as classy as a glass of Chardonnay with a single ice cube in it.

nataliemma said...

Have a great time! Thanks for blogging; it is fun to be "with" you! Next time I'm coming with you Mere, fyi.

nate said...

Miles, this is Susan Owens on Nate's computer. If that isn't confusing enough for you, the Susan you responded to is my dear friend and Liesl's Mother, Susan Krieger. You are more classy than a glass of Charonay with a ice cube in it. You are more like red wine out of a box....on a beer mug.
susan owens

nate said...

#1. Meredith you should probably write about all the packing you were telling me about yesterday.

#2. Liesl you should do the same. We had long about packing.
#3. I look better in your high heals.

#4. Miles, you will never be a chauvinist, not even a cultural chauvinist to me! Your class is beyond a box of wine. Even a box that was drank to quickly. Also, I hope that pot doesn't do that to a country. Prostitutes might make some people ... never mind.

#5. Susan K. way to deal it out to Miles. Also, you are awesome for sending Mere to help Liesl. I assure you that they are both helping but only telling us of their gas and what not.

#6. Susan O. You are the greatest mother-in-law!

#7. Liesl, take care of my love. I know that you are!


#9. I love all of you really.

#10. Mere, I love you.

Miles said... boxed wine from Target (pronounced Tarjay), you are the bane of my existence!

Grandma Susan said...

This is Susan K. Owens....
Susan K. is Susan Krieger
Susan K. Owens Is Susan K. Owens.
Say what? This sounds like a good story. More about Tarjay and boxed wine please.... the rest of the story!!!! There must be one. Especially if Tarjay is involved.

sakhome1 said...

I wondered if Miles had thought he was talking to the O Susan, not the K Susan--of course, we are both worldly, smart and witty, so who would know! yes, Nate, I'm am positive that for 8 hours a day, mere and Liesl are slaving away, packing, giving away her furniture, and hair dryer, and leaving out the recycles on the proper day (not!). Anyway, I did what I could. Soon, not soon enough, they will both be back and Illinois will never be the same! Susan KKKKKKK

Grandma Susan said...

I am SOOOO happy to be confused with Susan K. She THINGKS before she talks like Ray!!! I have never seen anything like it besides Ray.
They think, then they speak or write! AMAZING!!!!! I saw them talk together and was in AWE!