Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 1

Meredith arrived safe and sound regardless of some turbulence and some bad gas which may be synonymous (was there really turbulence or was she just shaking herself? we may never know).

The sky was cloudy and gray although the reuniting of Meredith and Liesl shed a light on Brussels, maybe for the first time in a long time as a sliver of blue peeked it's way through the dense cumulus nimbus.

Liesl delighted in an un cafe and Meredith had a lait russe with a shot of espresso (to keep her awake since that "turbulence" kept her from sleeping) some yaourt fraise and some very fancy fig newtons (perhaps not smart for Meredith) were consumed at Liesl's favorite coffee shop Cook & Book.

Meredith is increasingly impressed with Liesl's French-Speaking skills and Liesl is hoping that Meredith's Bonjour might not sound so. . .shall we say midwestern. Although Meredith was slightly surprised at how it had a bit of Southern Twang as she tried so desperately to say it casually, realizing that her wearing all black was not going to allow her to assimilate as well as she would have liked.

Love toujours,

Liesl & Meredith


nate said...

Meredith arrived safe and sound. She has delivered the Brusselians from captivity and offered springs of life to the tiny trees in the forest. This is no small accomplishment as the forces of good and evil were furiously working against her. Yet her heart was in it. She beat the gas. She beat the figs. She beat the turbulence ...

But still she has not called, emailed nor facebooked her husband. And we ask, has all of her bountiful defeats been in vain?

Grandma Susan said...

OYE, she has yet to call her wonderful parents either.
Remember what figs do to your DAD :)

sakhome1 said...

And, alas, Liesl has yet to call her mother to thank her yet again for delivering her somewhat gassy friend to Brussels. Nate, feel blessed (truly) you didn't have to be there for ALL the first two day events.